Let’s Celebrate Christian Pride Millennia

Jun 21, 2021 by

by P Andrew Sandlin:

The worldview that gave us Gay Pride Month could never have given us the free society, and, if unchecked, will decimate it.

Western civilization has been commandeered by Gay Pride Month and its ubiquitous rainbow signifying that traditional society will never again destroy sexual diversity by the historic God-unleashed flood punishing radical individual autonomy. The ark of the gay lifestyle has safely survived the millennia-old deluge of culturally (in distinction from politically) enforced sexual morality that is now receding from the Brazen New World.

As the icon above indicates, Christian families must now protect themselves from the morally opposite flood of politically (not just culturally) enforced gay judgment on the godly.

Legitimate Pride

All biblical Christians oppose Gay Pride Month, but some partly on the grounds that all pride is a sin. This view is possible only because of equivocation around the word “pride.” Pride in the Bible is roughly equivalent to haughtiness (Prov. 16:18): thinking oneself superior to others due to his own birth, heritage, talent, goodness, merit, and so forth, all marinated in self-sufficiency. This form of pride is sinful, and God hates it (Prov. 8:13).

But pride can also refer to a sense of satisfaction in accomplishing something creditable or belonging to a group of which one thinks highly. For instance, when we take satisfaction in the rewards for our hard work, or in the church we attend, or in our child’s graduation, there’s no evidence the Bible would identify this attitude as sin. It’s a legitimate kind of pride.

Indeed, it would not be wrong to say that in his earthly life, Jesus Christ took pride in his Father. He was constantly talking about his Father and his own relationship to his Father.

In the Old Testament, it’s evident that Jehovah took pride in his servant Job, and in fact commended Job to Satan on those very grounds.

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