LGBT zealots’ growing stranglehold on schools

Mar 1, 2018 by

by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman:

‘You don’t have to be what your family tells you what you have to be!’ This verdict on family life is pronounced by a child as part of a classroom film that is successfully promoting the transformation of our society. The speaker is aged around seven. Surrounding him are a group of classmates. They are performing a literacy lesson ‘singalong’ in line with what now constitutes ‘best practice’ in our primary schools.

The makers of the film would like us all to celebrate their mission:

‘Educate & Celebrate is an Ofsted and DFE recognised Best Practice Award Programme that gives staff, students, parents and governors the confidence and strategies to implement an LGBT+Inclusive curriculum to successfully eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from our nursery, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, organisations and communities.’

Welcome to the revolution! All you need to understand is that Educate & Celebrate, a UK charity that is expert in ‘transforming schools and organisations into LGBT+ friendly places’, is here to help you and your child build a better world. Singalong literacy lessons, accompanied by group dance routines, rival what was on show from the North Korean cheerleaders at the recent Winter Olympics.

The school curriculum is being manipulated to serve the charity’s LGBT agenda. Making school subjects a vehicle for promoting any socio-political standpoint leads, inevitably, to distortion of those subjects. It is a well-trodden pathway in both Marxist and fascist states. Subject knowledge is selected on the basis of how well it serves the purpose of indoctrination.

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