Liberals are quitting over slow pace of reform, warns bishop

Jul 26, 2017 by

by Kaya Burgess, The Times:

Conservative Christians are not the only ones threatening to break away from the Church of England over its stance on homosexuality, a senior bishop has warned, with liberal and gay worshippers quitting over the slow pace of modernisation.

The Church of England has faced a string of threats from orthodox worshippers who feel that the church’s acceptance of gay, lesbian and transgender worshippers goes against biblical teaching.

The Queen’s former chaplain, who quit the church earlier this year, co-signed an open letter this week accusing the church of “capitulating to secular values”. The Rev Gavin Ashenden told The Daily Telegraph that the Archbishop of Canterbury could face “some kind of revolt” in the form of an “independence movement” from conservative worshippers.

The Bishop of Norwich has hit back at suggestions that the church has gone against the Bible’s teachings and said the church could remain united despite passionate disagreements.

The Right Rev Graham James told The Times that votes to condemn “gay cure” therapies and to welcome transgender people at this month’s General Synod were “pastoral” issues, dealing with the church’s duty of care to vulnerable people rather than changing the church’s fundamental teachings on sexuality or gender.

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