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London Bridge and Borough terror attacks: report and opinion

Newest items at the top (All new commentaries after 7 June will be posted in this section)

The west’s most fundamental and lethal divide by Melanie Phillips

Jihid on London Bridge: Defeating the Ideology by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

Anglican Unscripted – The London Bridge Assassins – and ++ Welby’s (mis-)analysis. with Gavin Ashenden and Kevin Kallsen

We must end the lie that Islam is a religion of peace by Jane Kelly, TCW

Western Leaders Allowing Terror and Appeasing Terrorists by Bill Muehlenberg

What must be done to stop terror in Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden discuss Islam and the recent attacks and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent comments

How the Church is responding to the London Bridge terror attack

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: London attack link to Islam as Christians killing Muslims is linked to Christianity, Independent

Counter terrorism protective security advice for places of worship from National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Archbishop’s Message Of Peace Following London Bridge Attack, LBC

A Summer Night, London, 2017 by Sumantra Maitra, Quillette

London Bridge terror attack: they shouted “This is for Allah!”, as the Holy Spirit descended for Pentecost by Archbishop Cranmer

We need zero tolerance of terrorists and their sympathisers. Editorial from The Conservative Woman.

Blind, bovine hope will get us nowhere – it’s time to change our response to Islamic extremism, by Douglas Murray, Spectator (£). Followed by response from Andrew Symes.


General comment about Islamist terror

We must end the lie that Islam is a religion of peace by Jane Kelly, TCW

The First Casualty of Terrorism is Thought by Peter Hitchens, Mailonline

It Took a Muslim To Say What For Pope and Bishops Is Taboo by Settimo Cielo, L’Espresso:

Tolerance will not stop Terrorism by Michael Brown

Followers of a lesser god, Voice for Justice UK

Terrorism, Islam, and Immigration by William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine

A mass emote at Ariana’s ‘solidarity concert’ is a futile gesture by Kathy Gyngell, TCW

Defeating Extremist Islam – A Western Imperative, Gatestone Institute

Watch:  Heritage Foundation debate on Islam:  Brigitte Gabriel responds to Muslim woman claiming that Muslims are portrayed badly.

We need to talk more about Jesus and Mohammed and less about Christianity and Islam by Gavin Ashenden, Cranmer

A bad dose of Christian bashing, by Peter Hitchens, MailOnline 

It’s official: you’re not allowed to say “Islamist extremism”, by Brendan O’Neill, Spiked

Christian responses to Islamism and violence in the name of Islam, by Colin Chapman, Fulcrum

Christians and churches warned over ‘prime target’ for ISIS attack, by Caroline Wheeler, Express

A faithless UK and resurgent Islam: the perfect storm, by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

Why are we airbrushing out ISIS’ anti-Christian motives? By Luke de Pulford, Spectator


Earlier: selected responses to the Manchester bombing

After Manchester, We Cannot ‘Carry On Exactly as Before’ by Raheem Kassam, Middle East Forum

When are Islamists going to stop bombing? The BBC never asks by Jane Kelly, TCW

The celebration of innocence is a British value by Peter Mullen, All Things Considered

Will the Bishop of Manchester ‘come together’ by inviting Muslims to his transgender week? by Jules Gomes, TCW

Anglican Unscripted:  It’s not a phobia: video with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

Video:  Two prominent Australian Muslim leaders clash on TV debate about Islam and terrorism

Barnabas Fund response to the Manchester terror attack

Why Salman Abedi grew to hate us by Alaa al-Ameri, spiked online

Our cliched, spineless response to Manchester is the terrorists’ biggest victory by Laura Perrins, TCW

The Manchester suicide bombing wasn’t “cowardly” – it was far, far worse than that, Dan Hannan, Conservative Home

Jihad in Manchester by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

England has defeated religious fanatics in the past, and will do so again from Archbishop Cranmer

Manchester: Europe Still ‘Shocked, Shocked’, Gatestone Institute

There was a blast and then a flash of fire, and then Jesus came to Manchester by Archbishop Cranmer

Mercy has a human face (even in Manchester) – Gavin Ashenden

Manchester attack: more terrorism tied to a radical Muslim, more fears of an anti-Muslim backlash, Get Religion

Terrorism Persists Because It Works, Gatestone Institute

Channel 4 documentary: ISIS is Islamic, Christian Concern

Manchester terror, the nation’s future, Thy Kingdom Come by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Prayers for Manchester


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