Marxism, the cruel creed that has only ever blighted lives

Jul 28, 2020 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

[…]  Classic Marxism aims to generate class consciousness in the proletariat so the ‘intellectual’ leaders of the revolution can use their dissatisfaction to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

The aim today is to create class consciousness among the ‘black community’ and to use them to tear down history and rip apart the fabric of civilisation, so that the far Left intellectuals can replace it with their Marxist utopia – preventing Brexit in Britain and plunging the US back into the hands of the dark forces of illiberal-Leftist ‘progressivism’.

The Black Lives Matter movement is at the core of this current attack, along with Antifa. The very name is deceptive. Black lives, of course, do matter, along with all lives.

But the clever branding of the movement enables its supporters to level the accusation that if you do not agree with their aims, if you are not sufficiently outraged and if you do not support tearing down the statues and monuments they wish to tear down, then you are a racist who supports slavery.

This is abject nonsense, but the useful idiots (in the Church of England and at Oxford University to name two) who, to display their virtue, are marching to the Marxist drumbeat, have cast aside all reason and logic.

Many have already been brainwashed at universities. Although they are largely privileged and live in a nation where there is equal opportunity and freedom for all, they have been convinced that the UK and the US are bad countries which are responsible for systemic injustices against a grand coalition of the minorities.

Thus black people are victims of systemic racism, homosexuals are victims are heteronormativity, transgenders are victims of cis-normativity, and women are victims of the patriarchy.

In cultural Marxist thinking, all of these imaginary systems of oppression need to smashed so that the oppressed minorities can be liberated. Thus the slogans often end up calling for facets of Western society to be smashed: ‘Smash white privilege’; ‘smash heteronormativity’; ‘smash the binary’; ‘smash the patriarchy’; ‘smash the family’; ‘smash Christianity’, and ‘smash capitalism’.

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