MassResistance launches bold new chapter in United Kingdom!

Jul 17, 2017 by

The largest MassResistance chapter outside of the US officially got started this month in the United Kingdom. Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, traveled to the UK June 29 – July 10 at the invitation of MassResistance activists there for the launch of the group. He met with national pro-family leaders and activists from across the country. A big kickoff meeting in London highlighted the week.

The momentum is beginning. MassResistance already had over 300 people in the UK prior to the launch, and has now picked up many more volunteers and activists.

The anti-family oppression in the UK

How bad is the situation in the UK?

From a pro-family and religious perspective, the conditions in the UK are among the worst in the world. Most of us have seen the news about Charlie Gard, the baby whom the British courts ruled must die rather than get “unapproved” treatment his parents want.

But the anti-family oppression is pervasive across the spectrum. The horror stories we’ve seen and heard are unbelievable. The ever-more-radical LGBT agenda is brutally enforced in schools, businesses, and other institutions throughout the country, and anyone who disagrees (including parents of young children) are treated harshly. Christian parents and home-schoolers even risk having their children taken away by the state. Politicians, the courts, and even the police are demonstrably hostile to pro-family people, and often act arbitrarily against them, simply ignoring the law.

Unfortunately, the pro-family establishment in Britain (like much of the US and other places) has been unable to stem the tide – much less take back any ground.

On one hand, the forces of the Left, particularly the LGBT movement, are well-organized across the country and in virtually every venue of government, business, and other institutions. And they are extremely ruthless in the enforcement of their ideology.

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