Maths teacher takes school to court in ‘transgender’ row

Dec 12, 2017 by

From Christian Concern.

Joshua Sutcliffe is taking his employers – an Oxfordshire school and its headmaster – to an Employment Tribunal, after accusations of gross misconduct by ‘misgendering’ a ‘transgender’ student. In November, Joshua was suspended and placed in isolation for telling students ‘well done girls’ while one of them wanted to be identified as a boy. He now says he has been unfairly dismissed by the school.

Mr Sutcliffe, from Oxford, began working at the school in September 2015 and taught children aged 11-18. He has an exemplary record and has achieved excellent results, with his key-stage 3 students outperforming every parallel class.

On November 2, a complaint was made that he referred to the pupil as a ‘girl’, rather than ‘boy’. The child had self-declared as ‘male’, but Joshua, who had been given no formal instruction on how he was to refer to the pupil, said “well done girls” in her presence. When the pupil became irate Joshua sought to diffuse the situation and apologised. Nonetheless, an investigation began during which time Joshua was prevented from teaching and forced to spend all his time in isolation in the staff room.

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