Mermaids are happy to see a man’s life destroyed

Feb 27, 2018 by

by Fionn Shiner, The Conservative Woman:

In the prophetic G K Chesterton novel The Oracle of the Dog, the protagonist Father Brown says: ‘It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.’ These words reverberated around my mind as I read that a charity called Mermaids had called the police and reported a school teacher who was ‘misgendering’ a transgender pupil, which they believed to be a ‘hate crime’.

On what planet is that an ‘offence’ worthy of calling the police? Further, what does that say about us as a society that the individual responsible for this wasn’t charged with wasting police time?

It would be funny, frankly, if this movement, a tiny, tiny minority, was not gathering such influential momentum. About four years ago, I woke up to find that, out of nowhere, being ‘cisgendered’ was another shocking crime to add to my list, along with being straight, white and male. In a short time the whole Western world has become scared of being ‘transphobic’, and it is the militancy and callousness displayed by organisations such as Mermaids that has caused this.

They were seemingly perfectly happy to see this man’s reputation, career and even life ruined because he doesn’t subscribe to the most recent progressive cause. It is a perfectly reasonable opinion to hold that you cannot change the sex in which you were born. Further, just because an individual wants to be addressed in a certain way does not mean they have the right to be. A hallmark of adulthood is the realisation that you don’t always get what you want, but as a society we seem to disdain such stoical acceptance.

We simply cannot allow things such as ‘misgendering’ to become a ‘hate crime’. When ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’ were cooked up in the New Labour laboratory of social experimentation, conservatives rightly raised concerns about mission creep. If we’re being very charitable, they were devised with good intentions, but now we are reaping the results of criminalising what amounts to unacceptable thoughts and words.

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