Faith in the public square

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The British mainstream media are obsessed with Christian SNP candidate Kate Forbes’ personal view on all matters sexual.  As this does not appear to happen to candidates of other faiths, we are listing below some responses.

Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch, a supporter of gay marriage herself, who fiercely defends the right to free expression.  Watch here.

See also: “It’s okay for somebody who’s a Marxist to bring what they’ve learned from Das Kapital into the room, but not to take what you believe from the Bible. That’s nonsense, isn’t it?” Former Liberal Demoncrat Leader Tim Farron, who was hounded for his views on gay sex despite voting for gay marriage, tells #TimesRadio that being religious can be a bar to serving in high public office.

Read also: (newer items at the top)

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Scotland’s poisonous politics by Campbell Campbell-Jack, Christian Today

Watch:  Ashenden-Scripted: ‘Witch-hunts’ become saints-hunts’ – SNP politics & the new v the old religion, Gavin Ashenden

Watch:  Disgraceful grilling of Kate Forbes, STV

Kemi Badenoch is right to defend Kate Forbes from religious intolerance by James Mildred, Premier

Comment: Should strict religious views on morality prevent political leadership? Read a selection of views by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre

Christianity banned from public life?  from Christian Concern:  Tim Dieppe is joined by Rev. Dr Joe Boot, and Colin Wilson, Editor at Christians Together and a member of Kate Forbes’ constituency, to discuss her candidacy, her Christian views, and what kind of role Christians should take in public life.

Can only gay marriage supporters hold high office? from Coalition for Marriage

It’s not game over yet for Kate Forbes by Stephen Daisley, Spectator (£)

The brutal dirty tricks campaign against Kate Forbes is beginning to backfire by Alan Cochrane, Telegraph (£)

The crucifixion of Kate Forbes by Kathleen Stock, UnHerd

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Kate Forbes: Would a Christian be permitted to lead Scotland?  by David Robertson, Christian Today

Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch comes out fighting over Kate Forbes right to hold religious beliefs, Premier

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‘It’s absolute nonsense to paint the Christian faith as anti-egalitarian.’ Calvin Robinson and Peter Tatchell discuss, GB News

Scotland: Poisonous Politics by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand

The feeding frenzy around Kate Forbes’s faith is blatant political hypocrisy by Michael Deacon, Telegraph (£)

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SNP leadership: Kate Forbes defends gay marriage stance, BBC News


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