SNP’s Kate Forbes says hounding people who disagree is dangerous for democracy

May 11, 2023 by

from Religion Media Centre:

SNP leadership candidate, Kate Forbes, has warned that silencing, de-platforming and hounding people because they disagree with a particular view, is “very dangerous for democracy”. Speaking at an online event “No-platforming versus Freedom of Speech”, organised by the think tank Reform Scotland, she said her own supporters had backed off because of fear of being hounded and harrassed. Kate Forbes is a member of the “Wee Frees”, a strict Presbyterian church, who has said she would vote against gay marriage, she would not have had children outside marriage and she would have voted against the Scottish Government’s gender recognition measures, if she had not been on maternity leave at the time. SNP members attempted to have her investigated for alleged “transphobia”. She said the public were fed up of being scared and intimidated on the issue of self-identification for transgender people.


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