Muslims have won power battle between prison gangs, says hero of London Bridge attack

Apr 3, 2024 by

by Charles Hymas, Telegraph:

Convicted murderer who tackled terrorist says Islamists orchestrated shift through violence and religious conversions.

Muslim gangs have orchestrated a shift in the power balance in prisons through violence and religious conversions, according to the convicted murderer who became a hero of the 2019 London Bridge terror attack.

Steve Gallant was on day release from prison when he grappled terrorist Usman Khan, who had stabbed two young people to death, to the ground before the violent extremist was shot dead by police. His heroism won him the Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

Mr Gallant, who was freed from prison after being given a 10-month reduction in his sentence, will this month deliver a lecture giving his ringside view of the rise of Islamist extremism in category A and B prisons where he served his sentence for the murder of a former firefighter in Hull.

He was jailed for life in 2005 and sent to Frankland high-security prison in Durham where up to 20 terrorists were transferred in the following years, sparking a tit-for-tat prison war between white and Muslim gangs.

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