“My prayer that GAFCON and Global South…unite in a global vision” – Lawrence

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Archbishop Mouneer Anis introduced Bishop Mark Lawrence of South Carolina to the conference:

“After listening to the difficulties in the USA at the Dar-Es-Salaam meeting in February 2007, the Anglican primates agreed to provide primatial oversight for those who could not in conscience receive oversight from primate of TEC . But TEC announced in March 2007 that this primatial oversight was against their polity. Some in USA said they needed to form a new province ( 2009), and we have the new province represented here (ACNA). Another group wanted to stay in TEC and witness there – lately when things get worse they need a clear stance. They were persecuted and not accepted although TEC claimed to be inclusive ( = accept those with opposing view) but this not the case.

The person I want to introduce is a person who wanted to make his stand clear in TEC. But he was deposed and his ordination was revoked. All of a sudden he became a lay person because of his different view. The Global South wanted to activate the decision taken by the Primates in Dar-es-Salaam (2007). So the Global South Primates 2014 welcomed giving primatial oversight to South Carolina.”

Bishop Mark Lawrence.

“I am grateful to be back here with good friends. Our Diocesan vision is to make biblical Anglicans for a global age. What better place to do that than to be here.

I was present at the Global South 2010 in Singapore as a Communion Partner Bishop. In 2012 the General Convention of TEC made canonical changes which made it difficult for us to stay when charges brought against me. So the diocese left TEC in 2012 and for a year we were adrift in the oceans of the Anglican Communion. In 2014 the Primatial Committee of the Global South resurrected what was envisaged in the communiqué of 2007. South Carolina came under the primatial oversight of primatial committee of the Global South. We were so glad also to have a primate come and welcome us.

Since attending GAFCON 2008, Lambeth 2008, and GAFCON 2013 – it has been my prayer that GAFCON and Global South would unite in a global vision.”

Bishop Lawrence told the conference later in the morning: “We in the Diocese of South Carolina will be voting in March to join ACNA. I have been in college of bishops of ACNA as a guest and thank ACNA for opening their arms to us.”

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