Number Of Children And Young Adults Reporting Mental Health Problems Has Skyrocketed In 20 Years

Sep 12, 2018 by

by Rachel Moss, Huffington Post:

The number of children and young people saying they have a mental health condition has grown sixfold in England over two decades and has increased significantly across Britain in recent years, new research reveals.

In 1995, just 0.8 per cent of 4-24 year olds in England reported a long-standing mental health condition, but by 2014, this had increased to 4.8 per cent, meaning almost one in 20 young people in England report having a mental health condition.

The study analysed data involving more than 140,000 children and young adults in England, Scotland and Wales, making it the first national-level study in over a decade to investigate trends in mental health problems among young people.

Although the findings are striking, researchers said they could point to increased mental health awareness and be a positive development.

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