Top headmaster blasts terror rules that meant he had to vet a sermon by Eton’s Church of England chaplain

Oct 22, 2017 by

by Jonathan Petre, Mailonline:

A top headmaster last night attacked ‘stifling’ health and safety rules and red tape that oblige him to vet visiting Church of England bishops for extremism.

Tom Lawson, head of the £30,000-a-year Eastbourne College, said he had to ask respected senior clergy for advance texts of the sermons they were due to preach at the school in order to comply with Government anti-terrorism measures.

Mr Lawson, son of former Tory Chancellor Lord Lawson and half-brother of celebrity cook Nigella, said new Prevent strategies – aimed primarily at countering Islamic extremism – were helping to drown schools in paperwork.

In the past year he has been forced to check advance texts from a bishop who preached at a confirmation service, and from the Reverend Stephen Grey, senior chaplain at Eton.

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