Over 800 grooming gang offenders in Greater Manchester alone

Mar 29, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, comments on the news that Greater Manchester Police have a new unit dedicated to focusing on grooming gangs.

Greater Manchester Police announced last week that it has launched a dedicated child sexual exploitation (CSE) unit consisting of 54 police officers and staff. The new unit will commit resources and skills to “investigating large scale and complex CSE investigations.” I assume that this is badly worded and that it will not merely ‘investigate investigations’.

The unit will also “have strategic oversight of all multi-victim/multi-suspect CSE investigations taking place across Greater Manchester.” This ‘multi-victim/multi suspect CSE’ language is code for ‘grooming gangs’. It is good to see Greater Manchester Police dedicating resources to addressing this problem, but it has taken decades to get to this point.

Victims failed by police

This follows an announcement last year that three former police officers that led an inquiry into child sex grooming in Greater Manchester Police were being investigated. A report about CSE in Greater Manchester found that the police were aware in 2003 of at least 57 white girls aged 12-16 years old who were known to be having sex with older ‘Asian’ men, often against their will. Nearly 100 persons were found to be involved in this sexual exploitation. The police, however, were focused on trying to find other ethnicities to arrest rather than dealing with the offenders they knew about.

[…] It is good to see a dedicated unit set up to address grooming gang crimes. This is not before time, but it is at least better late than never. I hope that Greater Manchester Police has learnt some lessons from the huge failures around grooming gangs that have been exposed. Whether they have remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the recent government report into the characteristics of grooming gangs refused to consider religion or Islam as a factor. If the government refuses to address this subject with plain language, you can be sure the police will be very cautious. Every time I learn more about these grooming gangs I wonder: How many more girls will we sacrifice to political correctness?

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