Petition to Stop the Royal College of Physicians being hijacked by assisted suicide campaigners

Feb 1, 2019 by

Thanks to the hard work of those who recognise the danger, and despite numerous attempts (10 in the last 15 years) to change the law, advocates of assisted suicide have failed to pass legislation to make it legal.

Now supporters of assisted suicide are trying a different, more indirect tactic… they are trying to get the support of the medical profession which remains one of the main institutions blocking a change in the law.

Sadly the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has signalled its support and announced its intention to change its position on assisted suicide from ‘opposed’ to ‘neutral’. Worse still, the RCP have rolled out a rigged survey to justify the change!

Please sign this petition objecting to the RCP’s proposed change and rigged survey.

At the same time, the RCP is polling its members but has said it will automatically adopt a ‘neutral’ position, dropping opposition to assisted dying, unless a 60% supra-majority vote for the College to remain opposed!

The RCP’s former chair of ethics has rightly described it as a sham poll with a rigged outcome’.

Furthermore, this approach will virtually guarantee that the College will move to a ‘neutral’ position on assisted suicide – which will be a very big boost to assist suicide campaigners, insinuating that there has been a shift in medical opinion on this issue.

This move by the RCP is so significant because assisted suicide pressure groups have made it clear that the medical establishment’s opposition to assisted suicide is ‘continuing to block a change in the law’.

Doctors recognise how dangerous such legislation is. They can see how it unfarily targets those with a profound sickness and people with disabilities. Doctors exist to heal their patients and palliate their symptoms as best they can. Not to kill their patients.

This is why the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of General Practitioners, British Medical Association and Association of Palliative Medicine all continue to oppose assisted suicide legislation.

Please sign our petition to Andrew Goddard, president of the RCP, asking that the College halt the rollout of the current survey.


Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

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