Pride: understanding and responding

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A selection of recent articles, most recent at the top:

Should Christians Ever Wear an LGBT+ Pride Patch? By Patrick Miller, The Gospel Coalition:
Imagine someone required you to wear a Confederate or Nazi flag patch. Would you do it? A patch supporting Donald Trump or Joe Biden, perhaps. Or a patch in support of atheism, Islam, or Buddhism. How would you feel?

Pride Month Is a Road to Nowhere, by Casey Shutt, TGC:
The 1980’s Talking Heads song “Road to nowhere” captures brilliantly the idea of the celebration of the autonomous self. Pride Month summons us to look within; Jesus presents a better way.

Pride part one: the real agenda, by Lisa Nolland , Christian Today:
The Pride agenda succeeds through psychological conditioning, re-shaping the language, the “re-education” or grooming of children, and the silencing or conversion to the cause of religious leaders.

Pride Month: Can an employer require promotion of Pride? by Roger Kiska, Christian Concern:
Being an employee does not mean you have to check your rights in at the door. The law protects your religious and philosophical views, and your employer cannot require you to support or affirm Pride.

FAQs on What to Do if You Are Asked to Declare Your Preferred Pronouns at Work, from the Free Speech Union:
In June 2021 an Employment Appeals Tribunal found that Maya Forstater’s gender-critical beliefs constituted a protected characteristic under the category of philosophical belief…. harassing or discriminating against an employee because of their gender-critical beliefs could give rise to a legal claim.

Massachusetts Bishop issues decree: school may no longer call itself Catholic, by Greg Kandra, The Deacon’s Bench:  “The flying of these flags [Pride and BLM] in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public about the Church’s stance on these important moral and social issues.

Is your school celebrating Pride in June? by Steve Beegoo, Christian Today: Christian Concern’s Head of Education alerts parents to the reality that many schools mark or celebrate Pride in June – and explains what they can do about it.

LGBT Lobby’s Latest Shakedown Is a No-Win for Companies, by Suzanne Bowdey, Washington Stand:
Major corporations have spent two decades ingratiating themselves to their cultural hostage-takers. Now LGBT activists are insisting on more support for their activism – but the economic realities and increasing public backlash make this a hard choice.

Welcome to Pride Month, Christian, by Carl R. Trueman, World:
Pride has become less about sexual preference, as a demonstration of “who owns the culture’s memory and imagination.”

Synod motion which is seeking to ban Pride flag on church buildings, from Premier:
General Synod member Sam Margrave has asked for the prohibition of any other political or other campaigning flags in or on church buildings, and has called on the House of Bishops “to state that support for Pride is incompatible with the Christian faith”.

The Pride Movement has nothing to be proud of, by Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine:
Sexual grooming, gender confusion, academic censorship, intolerance towards criticism and free speech, and self-destructive hedonism should be avoided not celebrated.

To hell with Pride Month, by Gareth Roberts, spiked:
“June is now the cruellest month. We have the ubiquity of the ever-evolving, ever-more ridiculous rainbow flag, appended to both corporate and institutional logos…”

The woke public school where Pride comes before St Paul, by Julian Mann, TCW:
FORMER pupils of exclusive Westminster School have just received their invitations to the “Pride Pub Night’… to celebrate the Club’s LGBTQ+ community. These drinks kick-off (sic) a new series of events, focused on diversity and inclusion.”


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