Reject EU’s Same-Sex Parenthood Certificate

Jun 11, 2024 by

Petition from CitizenGo:

The EU is overstepping its competencies yet again – and this time, it’s our family values and the rights of innocent children that are under serious attack.


The Council of the European Union will soon vote on an initiative that would force all EU countries to recognise same-sex parenthood and parenthood established through surrogacy, even if it contradicts their domestic laws.


Despite the UK’s departure from the EU, European regulations still exert a significant influence on UK policy. The EU remains a formidable neighbour whose legislative changes can shape norms and standards globally, including within the UK.


UK lobby groups will leverage any new EU standards to advocate for more lenient surrogacy laws domestically, using the EU’s legislative momentum to bolster their arguments and initiatives.


This is why we must prevent this initiative from progressing any further!


On Friday, 14th June, the Council of the European Union (Justice and Home Affairs Council) will vote to recognise ALL types of parenthood across ALL EU member states.


Since 2022, the EU has been looking at ways to pressure member states that uphold the true definition of marriage and parenthood – that of a man and woman. They’ve used blackmail, financial mechanisms, and more!


Countries like Croatia, Poland, Italy, Hungary, and Slovakia have all upheld their laws, as matters of parenthood and marriage do not fall under EU jurisdiction.


However, the EU has found a loophole to manipulate and override these countries’ laws.

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