Updated Wednesday 15 Feb: GS 2055 Bishops’ Report and Responses: new arrangement

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Read Report here GS 2055(pdf)


Debates in and around General Synod: reports and analysis (Newer items at the bottom of each section)

Serving Bishop joins criticism against C of E stance on gay marriage, by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

Gay marriage in the Church? Watch Gavin Ashenden and Susie Leafe on the Victoria Derbyshire show with Andrew Foreshew-Cain and retired Bishop Michael Doe

BBC Radio 4 discussion: Susie Leafe of Reform and Simon Sarmiento of Thinking Anglicans

Questions of gay sex and Christian faith dominate as C of E meets for controversial Synod, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Church of England ‘not listening to gay Christians’, say retired Bishops, by Callum May, BBC News

The House of Bishops Report: The Bishops and sex by John Inge, Bishop of Worcester



Earlier responses to GS 2055

Media reports

General Synod Press Conference 27 January 2017

Church of England refuses to budge on gay marriage and CofE Stands Firm On Gay Marriage: Here Is How Christians On All Sides Reacted by Harry Farley, Christian Today

English bishops call for “fresh tone” to sexuality debate by Gavin Drake, ACNS

C of E bishops refuse to change stance on gay marriage by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

Church of England accused of encouraging clergy to hide their sexuality by Ben Kentish, Independent

Church of England accused of proposing a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ plan for gay clergy, ITV News

CHURCH OF ENGLAND: House of Bishops upholds canon law on Marriage by David Virtue, VOL

Church SHOULDN’T change opposition to same-sex marriage, insists bishops’ report by Katie Mansfield, Express

No change on marriage in view as Bishops pledge to update sexuality guidance by Hattie Williams, Church Times

Church of England ‘not listening to gay Christians’, says retired bishops by Callum May, BBC News

Church faces new split over attitude to gay relationships by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian



Broadly positive responses to the Report

Where are the bishops leading on the sexuality debate? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Marriage and same sex relationships after the Shared Conversations, by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

House of Bishops upholds canon law: marriage is the lifelong union of one man and one woman from Archbishop Cranmer

The Bishops’ Decision: My reflection on General Synod and participating in Shared Conversations by David Bennett

Diocese of Manchester: Bishop’s letter to the clergy

Statement by the Bishop of Maidstone on the House of Bishops’ Report

Reasons to be cheerful, by Glynn Harrison

A response to GS 2055 ‘Marriage and Same Sex Relationships after the Shared Conversations’ by Martin Davie

Why we should celebrate today’s reaffirmation of traditional marriage from the House of Bishops by Ed Shaw, Premier

How Not to Read a Synod Paper podcast by Peter Ould

Scottish Anglican Network Responds To The Report of the House of Bishops

Giving and Receiving Episcopal Oversight: The Bishops’ Report (GS 2055) by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum

Fulcrum Response to GS 2055

Timeo danaos et dona ferentis? by Martin Davie

Retired bishops are wrong about LGBT report, says head of NI evangelical group by Lisa Smyth, Belfast Telegraph

The Bishops’ Report (GS 2055): The Way Forward? by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum


Responses from revisionists (those critical of the report, who want change to the Church’s teaching)

Statement by Jayne Ozanne

Response from the Diocese of Liverpool

Open Letter to the House of Bishops of the Church of England, LGCM

Gay Christians will openly defy Church of England rules after leadership ‘failure’ on LGBT reforms by Tracey Byrne an Jeremy Pemberton, Pink News

Gay Christian Group’s Ultimatum To CofE: We Won’t Wait For You by Andy Walton, Christian Today

Vicky Beeching: Bishops’ LGBT report ‘affects my physical and mental wellbeing’ by Antony Bushfield, Premier

Sex and the bishops by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Bishop Vows To Continue Campaigning For Change On Gays In Church Of England by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Disappointment at bishops’ report on same-sex marriage, Ekklesia

Here we go again, by Jonathan Clatworthy, Modern Church

Anglican Alternative Facts by Jeremy Pemberton

Letter from 14 Retired Bishops on House of Bishops Same Sex Marriage Report

‘On not taking note’: Open Letter to C of E Synod Representatives by Rachel Mann

LGCM calls on members of General Synod not to ‘take note’

Church of England Synod – GS2055 case studies from OneBodyOneFaith

Dear Bishops (an open letter suggesting you withdraw your report) by Andrew Lightbown


Responses from conservatives (thankful for the Report’s headlines, but critical of its underlying theology and concerned about the trajectory of the C of E)

GAFCON Chairman’s February 2017 letter

Queen’s Former Chaplain Warns ‘Dying’ Church Of England Is Capitulating To Liberal Culture by Harry Farley, Christian Today

The Bishops’ Report on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships: a response from GAFCON UK

A critique of the Bishops’ report, by Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, GAFCON UK

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, Anglican Ink

Reform press statement in response to Bishops’ gay marriage document

The Sunday Programme with Andy Lines and Rod Thomas (scroll in 22+ minutes)

By mirrors and prevarication by Peter Mullen, All Things Considered

Here I straddle: I can do no other by Melvin Tinker, Anglican Ink

Report heads off immediate split, but entrenches ‘mixed economy’ theology by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Church of England Bishops’ Report:  More questions than answers by Phil Ashey, AAC

Same-sex marriage: what does Athens have to do with Jerusalem? by Gavin Ashenden, via Cranmer

Committee or community? A Bible study on Acts 4, by Paul Perkin, Vicar of St Marks, Battersea Rise




More reflections, or responses to responses

Were the Shared Conversations just a Con? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

The pain lies in facing hard truths by Malcolm Brown, Church Times


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