Revealed: Plot to oust MPs who did not call for Gaza ceasefire

Feb 12, 2024 by

By Abul Taher and Martin Beckford, Daily Mail:

Millions of Muslims are urged to ‘punish’ candidates for failing to back truce in campaign launched by former terror group leader.

Millions of Muslims are being urged to vote out MPs who did not call for a Gaza ceasefire in a campaign launched by the former leader of a banned terror group, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Muslim Vote is plotting to unseat at least 55 Labour and Tory MPs who voted against or abstained on the Gaza ceasefire vote in Parliament last December.

The campaign is led by pro-Palestinian activist Muhammad Jalal, who styles himself as a ‘writer, political scientist and educator’. His real name is Jalaluddin Patel and he was the UK leader of the now-banned Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir between 2000 and 2007.

In 2019, analysis by the Muslim Council of Britain revealed that 31 marginal seats could be decided by Muslim votes, which would be enough to swing a close election.

The Muslim Vote campaign was set up by Mr Patel, 46, who tweeted: ‘In the 2024 Election, we will focus on those MPs in 55 Muslim-populated constituencies that voted against the Gaza ceasefire. We have to show that the Muslim vote should never be ignored again.’

The group plans to organise social media campaigns in target areas to ‘reward’ pro-Palestine MPs and ‘punish’ those who failed to vote for a ceasefire. Salman Butt, who is part of Muslim Vote, said in a YouTube video: ‘This Election is about punishing those who didn’t vote or even call for a ceasefire, and rewarding those who did and took a principled stance.’

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