Revelation TV fined for Homophobia

Jun 19, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

Yesterday we saw how politicians who pass laws which go against Christian social teaching and then promise that of course we will still be free to express disagreement are not to be trusted.  They are incapable of keeping that promise.

Today I want to show further where this is leading. I have been suggesting for some time that the acceptance of different social teachings to those Christian ones upon which our society has been built – would soon result in the Christian teachings being banned.  This was always vehemently denied.  Now – as we saw yesterday this is well under way.

A few years ago I did a debate on Revelation TV with Peter Tatchell.  When we travelled to Malaga to do the debate I wondered why they were based out there.  Part of the reason was the way that things were going in the UK meant that they foresaw being banned or fined by the government for daring to express Christian viewpoints on social issues.  So they moved to Catholic Spain.  Well now that has caught up with them.  I received this report yesterday from the Christian Post.

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