Richard Coles ‘frustrated’ at lack of LGBT equality in the Church of England

Jun 8, 2022 by

from Premier:

Celebrity vicar, Rev Richard Coles has shared his frustration at the lack of equality the LGBT has within the Church of England.

Speaking to PA as he promotes his first novel, Murder Before Evensong, Rev Coles shared how he is “a bit weary” of fighting for LGBT rights in the Church of England, but says we “should not shirk a difficult task if what’s at stake is justice and human dignity.”

He said: “The big battle for LGBT people in the Church of England, has been trying to get for us the equal treatment that the rest of the world is used to.”

“Lots of us who are LGBT, are in the Church, but the Church at the moment resists giving us equal status, which you would expect and enjoy anywhere else.

“That can be frustrating sometimes. “I don’t want to pretend it’s just an easy matter, it’s not. “It requires a lot of people to come a long way.

“But we should not shirk, a difficult task, if what’s at stake is justice and human dignity.”

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