RSE – a tool to change British culture

Jun 5, 2021 by

by Dr Tony Rucinski, Coalition for Marriage:

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) is being used as a tool to change the culture of Britain.

For the sake of our children and society, Judith Nemeth from The Values Foundation, warns us that we need to be alert to what schools are teaching children in RSE lessons.

[…]  Marriage and the family is, she says, “the focal point for a stable society”. What is taught to children is based on “decades of research and analysis”. It is “ill advised at this stage”, she says, to teach children that newly recognised forms of relationship are valid alternatives to marriage.

RSE, Judith says, is being used as “a tool to change the culture of Britain”.

She reminds us that schools have to consult parents.

Indicating that some resource providers seem determined to sexualise children from the age of four, Judith reminds us of the need to ask schools exactly what they are teaching our children.

Read and watch video interview here

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