Save our children from the sex and gender activists who are using them as tools of their fundamentalist ideology.

Feb 28, 2019 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

Our children should not have to pay the price for grown- ups closing their minds.
The Conservative government in the UK is to impose a new sex and relationship curriculum on schools this September, elements of which will be compulsory. You can’t withdraw your child from the most controversial part of the project.
One of the oddest things about the project is that a Conservative government has been captured by progressive campaigners and is using the law to deprive parents of their freedom of thought and conscience.
The way the issue is presented appears (as always) benign enough. The relationship element of the curriculum will begin with helping children live with difference and variety. Of course that’s one of the great things about going to school. You meet all different kinds of people. You learn about them, and you get help living alongside the ones you like very much and the ones you dislike very much. So far, so normal.
But that isn’t what lies behind the LGBTQI+ driven agenda. The intention is to normalise non-heterosexual relationships. The recognition in a free society that people are entitled to live as they choose so long as they do no harm to others (the harm they do to themselves is their business mainly) is a no brainer. But the problem here is that harm is being done by the way it is being done.
You can’t introduce homosexuality without introducing sexuality itself. A child’s world (despite the best efforts of Sigmund Freud’s exploration of the unconscious) is made safe by parental affection and a variety of wholesome friendships. The only way of introducing the adult world of sexual attraction is to sexualise children.
So what happens to children when you expose them to sex too early in their maturation process?

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