School under siege after head hits out at Palestinian flag

May 25, 2021 by

by Lizzie Deane, Mailonline:

Protesters picketed a high school yesterday after the headmaster described the Palestinian flag as ‘a call to arms’.

Mike Roper has now apologised for the comments he made during an assembly at Allerton Grange in Leeds.

A clip from the assembly circulating online showed him telling pupils that the flag was sometimes ‘seen as a message of support of anti-Semitism’.

Yesterday police were stationed outside the school as protesters gathered at the gates, waving Palestinian flags and chanting.

Last week’s assembly is understood to have been held to try to address tensions after some pupils were disciplined for wearing lanyards bearing the flag.

Yasmin Ahmed, 30, from Leeds, said Mr Roper’s comments were ‘shocking and inflammatory’.

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