Schools are betraying parents

Nov 28, 2022 by

by James Esses, spiked:

Teachers are encouraging children to transition behind their parents’ backs.

Schools up and down the UK are facilitating, enabling and even encouraging the transitioning of ‘transgender’ children. And they are keeping it hidden from the children’s parents while doing so.

That was the message delivered this week by Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman. Appearing before the House of Commons Education Select Committee to discuss ‘transitioning’ in schools, she said that ‘to keep parents in the dark… is very obviously a safeguarding risk’. She added that ‘no parent wants to send their child to school thinking that they are going to be pushed into one set of political views or another’.

It is arguably more serious than even Spielman lets on. In order to transition in the UK, medically or legally, one must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria – a serious mental-health condition. For schools not to disclose to parents that their child might be struggling with such a condition is a dereliction of their duty of care to both parent and child.

Many trans-rights groups have long dismissed such concerns. They claim that what is happening in schools involves mere ‘social’ transitioning – a ‘soft’ option for children. This involves wearing the clothes, adopting the pronouns and even using the toilets and changing facilities that align with a child’s new gender identity.

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