Sex and Relationships Education – Letter to Peers

Apr 11, 2019 by

from Dr Lisa Nolland:

Dear Lord …

Please vote against the RelEd/SRE regulations as they presently stand.   As a sex historian who has worked with youngsters for decades, I am appalled by the sexualisation of children which aspects of the regulations above tacitly promote.   

Eroticisation of child development 

To teach primary aged children LGB identities and relationships means that we focus them on the erotic. They must be told what the terms mean! The two lesbian mummies or gay daddies involved are not siblings or best friends but sexual partners. Children are concrete thinkers and ‘love’ their SS best friends so are duped into wondering if they are gay. This is poisoning the wells of healthy child intimacy and attachment.   

Not only are children being confused about different kinds of ‘love’, they are at risk of being exploited by potential groomers who know how to use the term, ‘love’, when they mean ‘sex’.     

Hetero sex clips for children 

At the moment as part of  sex ‘education’ some schools are showing cartoon characters copulating (example from Spring Fever, for 8 year olds), with details given of ‘big stiff penises’ etc.  And though parents can still withdraw their children from these lessons, most youngsters will be exposed to this adult content, thus impacting entire school cultures.  

The series, ‘Living and Growing’ (see links at end) features a ‘Show and Tell’ (in two positions, missionary and woman on top). It was in thousands of schools, and is still there now, though later editions have modified this aspect. But that it took parents protesting such graphic depictions says it all — professionals were the problem!  And these types of professionals are wanting to have more say in the education of our children.    

Show and Tell: Go and Do

In fact, what these children are seeing is pornography-as-education. This is permanently imprinted on their brain, and the process called ‘mirroring’ means that they may desire to replicate this behaviour.  

It is not surprising then that child-on-child sex assaults are soaring, and many children in upper primary school are now having sex*. We are tacitly grooming children to be sexually active via such ‘education’.  Show and Tell has led to Go and Do. 

LGB sex clips for children

If equality means anything, then 8 year olds will have to be shown how gay and lesbian couples pleasure each other sexually in primary sex education classes as well. No discrimination allowed now! 

The above combines to magnify and foreground sex as a core part of a child’s identity and relational world; lowers sexual inhibition and normalises sexual discussions in the classroom with teachers and ‘experts/sexperts’ brought in from the outside; and downplays or removes parental input.  This is the very opposite of what ought to be the case. 

No child psychologist (except Alfred Kinsey) advocated sex for children, because they realised how damaging it is to achieving healthy adulthood. However, what we have here is a tacit sexualisation process under the guise of ‘toleration’ and ‘respect’.  And the parents have little to no say!  

There is much more to be said, but this is long enough.  Please be in touch if you wish and God bless.  

Sincerely yours,

Dr Lisa Nolland, Bristol

Ed:  Readers wishing to write similar letters may find a list of peers plus information on how to address them here

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