Shocking surge in hate crimes against British Jews

Jul 16, 2017 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today:

Hate crime targeting Jews has escalated for the third year running, reaching the worst level on record in the UK, latest figures show.

Antisemitic hate crime has surged 44 per cent since 2014, making 2016 the worst year on record, according to  figures obtained from all UK police forces by Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Antisemitic crime appears also to be worsening in the first half of 2017, with incidents including the firebombing of kosher restaurants in Manchester, a man stopped by police in London after brandishing a meat cleaver and machete whilst chasing after Jews, and police closing down London’s iconic shopping streets to make way for a major pro-Hizballah march.

One in 10 antisemitic crimes in 2016 was violent but only one violent antisemitic crime was prosecuted in 2016.

Almost half of police forces did not charge a single one of the antisemitic crimes reported to them.

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