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from Voice for Justice UK:

A few days ago we told you about a young single parent white mother and her two children, aged 15 and 4, suffering horrific intimidation and abuse – including death threats – from their Muslim neighbours.

They live in London in a predominantly Asian area. Their sole ‘crime’, and reason for this abuse, seems to be their faith.  They are Christian.

Despite repeated complaints, the police have so far refused to act and this young family now live in fear.
Help us get justice for this young single parent white mother and her two children

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Justice for all!  Stop religious hate crime against white people in London.

A young single parent white mother and her two children living in a predominantly Asian area of London have, over the last eighteen months, been subjected to a campaign of violent intimidation and physical and verbal abuse by their Muslim neighbours – who appear to object to the family’s ethnicity and their Christian faith.  Death threats have even been made against them, and the situation has now become so bad that the teenage daughter is frightened to go out of the house alone.  Visitors to the house have also been accosted and threatened.

Complaints to the police have so far elicited no response other than to tell the mother that she is bigoted: she is, they say, living in a mainly Asian area and must be sensitive to the ‘feelings’ of the local community.

Were the situation reversed there is absolutely no doubt this would be investigated as a hate crime, and the people involved would be arrested and prosecuted.  Why then is this same protection not being extended to a white, Christian mother and her family?  Why are they living in fear?

We call on Sadiq Khan as mayor of London to initiate a full enquiry into the failures of the police and social services properly to investigate this matter.  We further call for the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this racially motivated hate campaign of abuse and intimidation, the express object of which has been and is to drive this family from their home.
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