So, What’s So Wrong with the Equality Act?

Mar 8, 2021 by

by Dean R Broyles, The American Council:

Perhaps the greatest external threat faced by people of faith today, particularly biblical Christians, is what we legal insiders call “radical sexual liberty.” That is, the growing popular cultural rejection of the fundamental reality that we are created male and female in God’s image, including the sexual norms consistent with these beliefs. The Equality Act (H.R. 5), a sweeping bill pending in Congress, seeks to massively expand radical sexual liberty’s tentacles throughout federal law, coercively imposing a pagan sexual worldview on all Americans. The Act is the latest (and perhaps final) battlefront in a long-running sexual cultural revolution.

For legal context, it is important to note here at the outset that religious liberty is expressly protected by the U.S. Constitution (enshrined in the Bill of Right’s First Amendment), while sexual liberty is not. But that fact has not dissuaded liberal moral revolutionaries, who view the Constitution as a “living document,” from tirelessly advocating for sexual liberty’s incorporation in public policy and law under the guise of “privacy,” which has been increasingly read into the Constitution and statutes by liberal judges over the past 50 years.

For historical, sociological, and biological context, the reality of maleness and femaleness, now suddenly derisively labeled the “gender binary,” has been the accepted norm in most civilizations for 5,000 years of recorded history and for very good reasons, including the complementary relationship of marriage for common good of humanity. Maleness and femaleness is overwhelmingly confirmed not only by history but also by biology and genetics. It is hard-baked into the very fabric of the universe by our Creator.

Do not be confused. Gender is not a social construct. Rather, it is the LGBTQ+ ideology that is a social construct, and a very recent one at that. As such, rejecting and defying the Creator’s design of the gender binary is about as foolish as trying to cheat gravity. The rebellious idolatry of radical personal autonomy (the idea that we define who we are, not our Creator) has now arrived at the truly insane place where we now question whether our physical bodies should align with our God-given biology (or our discordant feelings).

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