Social media promises equality and diversity – except for Christians

May 26, 2021 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

A great deal is said about ‘cancel culture’, with the fear being that everyone is in danger of getting ‘cancelled’ if they say anything that offends anyone. But this fear is misplaced, because the situation is far worse. At least if everyone were in danger of getting cancelled it would have the appearance of fairness, but the reality is that the social media giants do not operate on a basis of equality and diversity. In the words of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “some pigs are more equal than others.”

This was vividly brought home to me this past week when Scottish finance minister, Kate Forbes, was interviewed on the BBC’s Political Thinking podcast by Nick Robinson. During the course of this, she made the good confession: “To be straight, I believe in the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that he died for me, he saved me and that my calling is to serve and to love him and to serve and love my neighbours with all my heart and soul and mind and strength. So that for me is essential to my being.”

This resulted in a number of comments and articles – including from the Scottish political commentator, Stephen Daisley, in The Spectator.

During the course of that interview, Forbes described some of the abuse and hatred that she gets on social media – she is a woman, and more than that, a Christian woman, which seems to give the Hounds of Hell free licence.

When I posted a link to Daisley’s article, it attracted both praise and damnation. Some Christians were delighted at her confession, others, struggling to reconcile their politics with her faith, damned with faint praise or outright condemnation. Some secularists were appalled that someone in such a high position could be so open about her faith, others were more tolerant. So far, so Twitter. But then came the abuse. One example was so bad that I reported it.

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