Sorry, Bishop Christine, but child abuse gangs stem from a particular community

Aug 11, 2017 by

By Archbishop Cranmer:

The Rt Rev’d Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle, has put her name to a letter, along with other community leaders, expressing their sadness and shock that child abuse gangs have been operating for years in Newcastle’s West End – grooming children, plying them with drink and drugs, raping, trafficking, soliciting children for sex. “Members of all communities are amongst those who are most disturbed and devastated by these crimes,” the Bishop affirms. “It is important now that we do not compound the profound suffering that victims of these crimes have endured by casting blame on entire communities,” she appeals, along with all the other individuals and leaders of organisations, which seems to include an awful lot of chairmen and secretaries and treasurers of an awful lot of mosques and Islamic centres.

They are right, of course. It is entirely wrong to blame “entire communities” for the actions of a minority: it isn’t the fault of Pakistani women if gangs of testosterone-charged Pakistani men think ‘white trash’ girls are ‘easy meat’. But when these child abuse gangs are made up of Asian men – and predominantly Pakistani men – it really doesn’t help when a Church of England bishop puts today’s community cohesion above tomorrow’s victims […]

[…] No one seeks to blame “entire communities”, but it is profoundly unwise and dangerous to pretend that child abuse gangs are not a problem for a particular community. By appending her name to this letter, the Bishop of Newcastle invokes that very cultural sensitivity which permits these gangs to thrive: no one wants to be ‘racist’, least of all an Anglican bishop.

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