State bans freedom of assembly so LGBT activists can poison our kids

Jun 3, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Rebel Priest:

The state’s war on dissent from radical LGBT ideology ratcheted up another gear this week as the High Court granted Birmingham City Council an injunction banning parents from protesting the controversial ‘No Outsiders’ teaching programme at Anderton Park Road primary school in the city.

The injunction comes following the decision last month by the city council to close the school early for half term on account of the protests. The No Outsiders programme has been suspended at several other Birmingham schools such as Parkfield in the past few months, but Anderton Park has so far held firm.

Labour leader of the council Ian Ward described the injunction as ‘common sense’ prevailing, saying: ‘Children right across Birmingham should be free to attend school safely and without disruption. All our schools must be safe spaces and we will not tolerate the ongoing intimidation of parents, hard-working school staff and local residents.’

Yet there is no evidence that the protests have endangered anyone’s safety or created any real disruption. As one of the leaders of the protest, Amir Ahmed, explains in relation to the earlier action at Parkfield: ‘In all our literature we made it very clear we will accept no homophobic behaviour in our campaign. We had two meetings with the police who made it clear that throughout the campaign, they found no homophobic behaviour. I asked specifically about [school teacher and No Outsiders author] Mr Moffat’s comments of being threatened. I was told that Mr Moffat felt threatened but was never threatened.’

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