Stay in or leave the C of E? a debate hosted by Stephen Kneale

Nov 26, 2020 by

From Building Jerusalem:

Stay in:

Why this denominational nomad believes it is right to remain in the C of E, by Jeremy Marshall:

There is a battle that is raging, so why would we retreat? If we look at the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation, within two in particular – Pergamum and Thyatira – people have been led astray by false teachers. Nowhere are the church members told to quit and form a new church, rather they are told to hold fast.

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Why this evangelical minister is resolved to stay in the C of E, by Hugh Bourne:

I’m conscious that my arguments to ‘remain’ pretty much follow the same pattern as Stott and Packer. That the Church of England is historically and foundational Reformed, that Biblically we would expect churches and denominations to be spiritually mixed, and that pragmatically we still see many opportunities for the gospel. I’m not convinced a huge amount has changed (yet) since those debates of previous generations.

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Why I left ministry in the Church of England and think others should too, by Stephen Watkinson:

…too many evangelicals are not fighting…Particularly sharp in my experience was being told by an evangelical receiving lots of money and support from the diocese to plant churches that he couldn’t work with me because I was “toxic in the diocese.”

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Compromise in love and faith: why sound evangelicals should leave the C of E, by Frederik Mulder:

I plead with you, for the sake of Christ and your flock, for the love of Christ and the Gospel, not to compromise but to separate from those who are teaching these errors. Turn away from those meetings and Synods and join healthy churches.

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