Sweden’s Victimized Children

Feb 27, 2020 by

by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute:

The number of children who rob other children has increased by 100% in only four years, according to a new study by Swedish police about reported violent crimes in which children under the age of 15 are both the victims and the perpetrators. In 2016, there were 1,178 robberies against children under 18 years of age. In 2019, the number had increased to 2,484. The number of violent crimes where the suspect is a child under 15 years of age has also gone up dramatically: In 2015, there were 6,359 reported violent crimes where the suspect was a child under 15. In 2019, that number had increased to 8,719 reported violent crimes.

The crimes involve “Violence to the head, kicks, gun threats, burning with lighters, threats to kill, threats to bomb the school, stabbings with food knives, bites and children who have been scratched, dragged, thrown and locked up by other children”.

The lowest age of a suspected perpetrator was seven. There has also been an increasing number of girl gangs. One girl was violently assaulted by a gang of five girls who kicked her, beat her and spat at her. The girl said she thought she was going to die.

“It’s ordinary children who are robbed on their way to and from school, they are called ‘whore’ and told that they’re going to get a Glock in the mouth. I think we are letting the kids down”, said regional police chief Carin Götblad.

Crimes committed by children under 15 years of age are not investigated by the police; they are left to the social workers. “When we get [such cases], we send [them] to [the social workers] and then it goes a little under the radar. This is not something we have discussed before,” said Götblad, who criticized municipalities for not taking crimes committed by children seriously enough.

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