Teach pupils abstinence and celibacy are positive life choices, Church says

Mar 12, 2018 by

from Premier:

Pupils should be taught that abstinence and celibacy are “positive life choices”, according to the Church of England.

It also suggests that youngsters should learn that sex and healthy relationships are “good gifts from God and should bring joy”.

In a blog, seen by the Press Association, the Church’s chief education officer, the Rev Nigel Genders, says that relationships and sex education in schools should teach students about “healthy relationships and lifestyle choices”.

His comments, which come alongside the Church’s response to the Government’s consultation on relationships and sex education (RSE), which closed last month, say that the Church’s starting point for the subject is that “healthy relationships and sex are good gifts from God and should bring joy”.

The blog goes on to say that in the Church’s schools, the subject will be “rooted in the teachings of the Church”, including “the importance of trust, loyalty, fidelity and the Christian understanding of marriage as the context for sexual relationships, as well as the understanding of abstinence and celibacy as positive life choices”.

Mr Genders also says: “Children want to be prepared for the opportunities, joys, challenges and responsibilities of being in relationships with other people.

“RSE must provide the understanding, vocabulary and strategies children need to keep themselves safe and to thrive within good relationships of all kinds. It should give children accurate information to equip them for life in the modern world and make sure they are not harmed or negatively influenced by unrealistic or dangerous materials and expectations.

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