Teachers on the front line in the culture war

May 26, 2023 by

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand:

In the distant past I was a school teacher, a job which I loved doing but never imagined it would become a major front in today’s culture wars. Now Christian teachers are being put into the position of denying their faith or losing their employment. Three recent cases arising from the transgender epidemic illustrate what they face.

Ben Dybowski

Ben Dybowski, an agency supply teacher working at The Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School near Cardiff was sent with 80 other teachers on a mandatory training seminar designed to uncover unconscious bias amongst teachers. The seminar was run by Diverse Cymru, a left-wing charity which trains teachers on ‘workforce diversity practice’, ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘trans-gender identity and gender expression awareness’.

The seminar was led by Ele Hicks, policy manager of Diverse Cymru, who describes herself as a ‘bisexual activist and change champion’. A founder and committee member of Bi Wales, Bi Swansea and Bi Cardiff, she has been listed amongst ‘the most influential LGBT people in Wales’.

Mr Dybowski was assured that the seminar was a ‘safe space’ and that he could speak openly. He was encouraged to express his Christian views and felt free to explain that as a Christian he believed marriage was between a man and a woman, that life began at conception and that he was opposed to some aspects of sharia law such as stoning homosexuals. The next day he was brought before the headmaster of the school and dismissed because of his ‘hate speech’.

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