Texas parents confront local public library officials over aggressive “gay pride” push targeting childre

Nov 11, 2017 by

from Mass Resistance:

Recently, public libraries across the United States have been taking part in a frightening campaign to push the radical LGBT agenda on children.

When the local public library in Temple, Texas put up a prominent “gay pride” display in the children’s section targeting kids with LGBT propaganda, many parents were understandably very upset.

But thanks to a local Texas MassResistance parent (who is also a pastor) they didn’t just sit there. They took action. The local media and liberal activists tried to intimidate them, but it didn’t work.

It started back in June when the library put up a pro-LGBT display in the children’s section.

It seemed particularly aggressive. It included numerous books for both young children and teenagers which were psychologically aimed at portraying homosexuality and “transgenderism” as normal and positive, and even encouraging youth to consider engage in LGBT behavior. A homosexual household with “two mommies” or “two daddies” was shown as no different than having normal parents. Traditional and religious values were portrayed as backwards and mean-spirited.s

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