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October Declaration from The British Friends of Israel. British citizens or residents Sign letter here.  Read ‘It’s time to take a stand for civilisation’ here

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What Palestinians and Israelis think about the war in Gaza by Paul Malvern, Mercator

The silent battle for public opinion in the war between Israel and Hamas by Paul Malvern, Mercator

‘Israel did not start this war’ from Spiked

UN employees sacked for alleged involvement in Hamas attack on Israel By Nataliya Vasilyeva, Telegraph

The UK’s solidarity with Israel has been commendable, but we must crack down on Iran and its proxies by James Gurd, Conservative Home

South Africa’s allegations of Israeli genocide are political theatre by Mathew Otieno, Mercator

Israel and Hamas – a time for moral clarity by Brian Cox, VOL

The Struggle for Black Freedom Has Nothing to Do with Israel by Coleman Hughes, The Free Press

“We are in a battle for civilisation”: An Interview with Ophir Falk by Álvaro Peñas, European Conservative

Is a ceasefire in Gaza the right way forward? by Martin Davie, Christian Today

Hamas has unleashed the West’s monsters by Jacob Howland, UnHerd

Christian Leaders Want Ceasefire but That Only Benefits Hamas by David Virtue, VOL

Iran’s betrayal leaves Hamas with nowhere to go by Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Telegraph

How Hamas use their own civilians as human shields by Karen Harradine, TCW

Why Does the BBC Keep Making Anti-Israel ‘Mistakes’? by Will Jones, Daily Sceptic

MeToo unless you’re a Jew by Nicole Lampert, UnHerd

The BBC’s Israelophobia is out of control by Jake Wallis Simons, spiked

The battle for the truth about the 7 October pogrom by Frank Furedi, spiked

After October 7 by Tania Hammer, First Things

The ‘Dresden defense’ and its relevance today by Hillel Neuer

Framing Israel by Melanie Phillips

Fiddling while Rome burns by Miriam Cates, Artillery Row

Inside the anti-Israel plot to bring London to standstill by David Rose, Jewish Chronicle

The spectre of Londonistan by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

‘From the river to the sea’ is a call for genocide by Daniel Ben-Ami, spiked

‘I wish we could ask Hamas nicely to leave us alone, and it would.’  Watch Eylon Levy on RTE Ireland

A Special Kind of Hatred by Ian Speir, Juicy Ecumenism

Hezbollah speaks, Hamas miscalcuated – and how Israel has united in the face of terror by Limor Simhony Philpott, Conservative Home

Watch: ‘This was sadism. This was an orgy of brutality and torture against innocent people.’ Boris Johnson, GB News

Watch:  This is about survival – Douglas Murray, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster discuss.

Charity Commission ‘examines’ British mosques that hosted pro-Hamas hate preachers. Sermons made since terrorist group’s October 7 attack include calls to ‘destroy Israel’, ‘kill the Jews’ and ‘wage your war for Allah’ by Ewan Somerville, Telegraph

From the River to the Sea by Frederick Chedham, The New Conservative

We ask ourselves how ordinary Germans could stand idly by in the 1940s by Howard Jacobson, Daily Mail

The war against the Jewish people and the west by Melanie Phillips

The ‘Two-State’ Solution to Murder Jews by Bassam Tawil, Gatestone Institute

Will Israel-Hamas cause a world war? by Thomas Fazi, UnHerd

The west’s mass psychopathy moment by Melanie Phillips

Israel is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t by Karen Harradine, TCW

Watch:  Hamas Commander vows to cleanse the entire world of Jews AND Christians from Brigitte Gabriel, X

Racism in the mask of anti-imperialism by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

A Political Shift in the UK: The Emergence of the ‘Party of Islam’? by Wojciech Zylm, bnn

British society will pay a terrible price for indulging extremism by Nick Timothy, Telegraph (£)

The whole of history turns on this battle by Effie Deans

Is the west to blame for the war against civilisation? Melanie Phillips podcast

Brazen support for Hamas spreading across Britain since terror attack by David Rose, Jewish Chronicle

Watch: Shocking footage of what Islamists are preaching in British mosques

Yuval Noah Harari backs critique of leftist ‘indifference’ to Hamas atrocities by Robert Booth, Guardian

Netanyahu: Defeating Hamas will make prophecy of Isaiah a reality, Christian Post

Watch: Speech by Lord Wolfson in the House of Lords

Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech in Lords debate on Israel and Gaza

Joint Letter from Archbishops of Canterbury and Jerusalem

Israel Opera sings a beautiful rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Misérables as a tribute to the 220+ innocent Israelis who were ruthlessly kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and are currently being held hostage in Gaza. We say, with a unified voice: #BringThemHomeWatch here

In Gaza, there are no good answers to the vital question – ‘And then what?’ by Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home

If the police can scour the internet for hate speech, surely they can arrest protesters calling for the eradication of a nation by Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail

I watched Hamas unleash hell by David Patrikarakos, UnHerd

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett lets rip on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire

Woke Antisemitism: A Reckoning by David Bernstein, Quillette (£)

It’s Not the Occupation by David Benatar, Quillette

Tube driver leads a chant of “Free Palestine” over the tannoy in London.

Sleeping With the Enemy by Frank Haviland, The New Conservative

Israel is trapped by Western guilt by Tom McTague, UnHerd

Why they kill Jews by Daniel Ben-Ami, spiked

“Never Again,” Again by Faydra Shapiro, First things

The west’s fifth columnists by Melanie Phillips

Hamas is the enemy of the Palestinians by Tim Black, spiked

Leaders of groups behind London pro-Palestinian march have links to Hamas by David Rose, Jewish Chronicle

Anglican Unscripted 827 – Inside Israel at War  Video: Kevin Kallsen and Rev David Pileggi of Christchurch, Jerusalem discuss the Israel – Hamas war.

Biden leaves, Sunak arrives. The perils for Israel and Gaza of a ground invasion by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

The Gaza hospital attack and the BBC by David Herman, The Article

Only 9% of Labour voters sympathise with Israel over Palestine, by James Billot, UnHerd

Islam’s problem with Jews goes back millennia by Gavin Ashenden, Catholic Herald

What the ‘Hamas Holocaust’ Reveals About the West’s Corruption by Rod Dreher, European Conservative

Why won’t the Jews just let themselves be killed? by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

Do Israel’s critics understand Evil? by Jacob Howland, UnHerd

What the ‘Hamas Holocaust’ Reveals About the West’s Corruption by Rod Dreher, European Conservative

Hamas Is Borrowing Tactics from the Amalekites by By Peter Leithart, TGC.

Israeli Strategy and Palestinian Despair by Cole S. Aronson, First Things

How Iran, the ‘Head of the Snake,’ Directly Helped Hamas’s Assault on Israel by Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute

The Ideology of Mass Murder by Jeffrey Herf, Quillette

Pray and weep for Israel by David Robertson, Christian Today

Should We Help the Palestinians in Gaza? Gatestone Institute

The West is truly lost if it can’t see Hamas for what it really is by Daniel Hannan, Telegraph

Why liberals have ended up cheerleading for jihadism by Jake Wallis Simons, Telegraph (£)

Who rules?  by Campbell Campbell-Jack

The week Hamas reinvented horror by David Patrikarakos, UnHerd

The implications for civil order in Britain of Hamas’ bloody assault on Israel by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Civilisation’s fifth columnists by Melanie Phillips

Watch: Douglas Murray: ‘Treat UK Hamas supporters like Isis supporters

Evangelical Statement in Support of Israel by Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism

FA criticised by Jewish groups over response to Hamas attacks, Guardian

Two Jewish schools in London close over safety concerns amid Israel war, Telegraph (£)

Chief Rabbi holds talks with King Charles over Israel crisis at Buckingham Palace, Jewish News

‘To Hamas, death, not life, is the prize’ by Georgia L Gilholy, Catholic Herald

Archbishop Of Canterbury condemns ‘utterly abhorrent’ attacks on Israel by Hamas by Lee Harpin, Jewish News

Watch:  Israel/Palestine: An honest conversation, with Melanie Phillips, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster

An existential evil by Melanie Phillips

Why should I love Hamas? by Giles Fraser, UnHerd

The Celebration of Murder is Never Acceptable by Simon Goslett

CST says antisemitic incident reports have tripled and volunteer numbers have soared, Jewish News

A community forged in pain by Melanie Phillips

Israel’s distraction is a warning to the West by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, UnHerd

Israelis told to prepare for 3-day stays in bomb shelters; Hamas threatens to execute hostages, Christian Post

Obama, Biden and the embracing of Israel’s enemies by Karen Harradine, TCW

Behind the Hamas onslaught is Iran. But the west has this blood on its hands too by Melanie Phillips

Hamas attack on Israel “terrifyingly close” to the UK, Religion Media Centre

Church Banality on Mideast Terror by Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism

Episcopal Presiding Bishop and Diocese of Jerusalem silent on Hamas terror attack against Israel by David Virtue, VOL

The Hamas pogrom is the result of the West’s refusal to accept the idea of evil by Melanie Phillips, Jewish Chronicle

Hamas is APPLAUDED at event alongside Labour party conference, Daily Mail

Cheerleaders for Hamas by Tom Slater, spiked

The Ayatollah’s Plan for Israel and Palestine by Amir Taheri, Gatestone Institute

Israel and the rise of a new world order by David Patrikarakos, UnHerd

Israel is going to win. But then what? by Michael Cook, Mercator

Statement from Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis

Time for action on Palestine Action by Guy Dampier, Artillery Row

The next unholy war by David Smith, The Critic (from July 2023)

A Question Worth Asking Hamas by Rollin Grams, Bible and Mission

Today is Israel’s 9/11 by Noah Pollak, The Free Press

Hamas attacks Israel – Why now and what next? by Lawrence Freedman, Comment is Freed

Stunned Israel suffers ‘9/11’ moment – Sunday Telegraph

Netanyahu vows revenge if ‘even a single hair’ is harmed on hostages – Sunday Telegraph

Is Israel prepared for war? by Gregg Calstrom, UnHerd

PM warns of ‘long and difficult war’ after surprise Hamas attack – Observer

The shameful gloating at Israel by Brendan O’Neill, Spectator

Christians condemn shocking Hamas attack on Israel, Christian Today

Canterbury and York statement on Hamas attack on Israel, Anglican Ink

Migrants in Europe celebrate Hamas assault on Israel, Telegraph

Islamist anti-Semitism is behind Israel’s darkest hour since the Yom Kippur war by Jake Wallis Simons, Telegraph

A pogrom against Israel by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

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