“The Basic Message Is Hatred”: The Persecution of Christians, September 2021

Oct 24, 2021 by

by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute:

The following are among the abuses inflicted on Christians by Muslims throughout the month of September 2021:

Muslim Slaughter of Christians

Afghanistan: Muslims linked to the Islamic State murdered four Christians. While trying to escape the country, a Christian family was intercepted by the jihadists. According to a local source:

“ISIS asked them, ‘we have tape about you that you are no longer Muslims. So is it true that you are not Muslim?’ They said, ‘Yes, we are not Muslims anymore. We are Christians.’ So the men of this family were killed at the spot. The children and women, they let them go.”

Also and in keeping with what several international human rights groups are warning, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote an article in which he expressed his concern that a “genocide” of Christians is brewing in Afghanistan:

“[T]he humanitarian crisis that is developing as the Taliban returns to power is likely to become a genocide against Christians if the Biden Administration does not act…. [T]he Taliban’s persecution of Afghan Christians … is now only just beginning. There are at least as many Christians in Afghanistan today as there are stranded Americans. Given that many of them are Muslim converts—a crime punishable by death under the dictates of Shariah Law which the Taliban has openly embraced—the possibility of there being a genocide against Christians in the wake of this withdrawal is extremely high. Already, the Taliban is compiling lists of known Christians and their communities. They are going door to door searching Afghan homes for Bibles, even searching smartphones for Bible apps. Afghan Christians are being forced to flee the country, and it should be a priority of the United States government to do what it can to get them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, if the Biden Administration cannot even manage to get Americans out, there is scant hope they can be trusted to protect religious freedom as well.”

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