The C of E’s second-in-command who doesn’t understand Christianity

Jul 9, 2020 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman:

ONE of Britain’s leading progressive Christians, Stephen Cottrell, is to be enthroned today as 98th Archbishop of York, the Church of England’s second highest position. Let’s have a look at him.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby describes Cottrell as ‘one of the most inspiring leaders in the church. He preaches, he writes beautifully, he writes poetry, he thinks very deeply, he communicates superbly’. One would think from this that Cottrell was an aesthetic and intellectual paragon.

Cottrell may write beautifully and poetically; he also uses abusive and intemperate language when speaking to clergy under him. In the TimesCottrell is described as ‘a liberal moderniser who peppers his talks to his clergy with phrases such as “what the bloody hell” and “who gives a toss?”’ Cottrell’s use of disdainful language in a manner liable to delight the trendy but offend the faithful reveals the inner man’s attitudes.

Following the gender transitioning of a pupil at a C of E primary school in his previous diocese of Chelmsford, there have been claims that Cottrell told diocesan ministers holding biblical views on sexuality they ‘could leave’. Cottrell has denied saying this, yet four conservative clergy have resigned from the diocese. 

Don’t be awed by the progressive theology. It can seem daunting: like other post-modern thought it appears impenetrable. However, we need only examine the adherents’ public statements for the theological incompetence to become apparent. Cottrell’s shooting from the hip lands him, like other progressive Christians, in the quagmire.

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