The case of the politically incorrect student

Oct 6, 2017 by

from Christian Concern.

I attended most of the hearing of Felix Ngole’s case in the High Court this week. Felix was expelled from his course at Sheffield University in 2016 after postings on his personal Facebook page were investigated. In essence, his comments were found to be politically incorrect and thus not acceptable for a student on his course to express. Felix is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre and the hearing was a judicial review of the university’s decision…

…In court, counsel for the university agreed that Felix’s right to free speech had been impinged. She argued that “the claimant could have taken up an alternative career in which there is no restriction on freedom of speech.” The university therefore takes the position that expressing Biblical sexual ethics on social media should be a bar from certain careers, including social work. No matter that no discrimination has taken place. As barrister Paul Diamond argued in court, this is the beginning of a “don’t ask, don’t tell”policy if you are an evangelical Christian in the UK.

Paul Diamond argued that surely “views expressed in the Bible should be worthy of respect in a democratic society.” In this case, rather than being respected, the university found expression of Biblical views worthy of removing Felix from his studies and his chosen career.

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