University accused of double standards over LGBT, Islam and Christian beliefs

Oct 4, 2017 by

from Christian Concern:

Christian student has accused Sheffield University of “appalling double standards” in its decision to expel him from a social work course after he expressed his Christian beliefs on Facebook.

Felix Ngole, 39, of Barnsley, made the accusation after new evidence was submitted to a Judicial Review hearing today at the High Court in London.

The evidence highlights the LGBT campaigning activity of a key university official, and the university’s behaviour in relation to a controversial Islamic speaker.

[…]  Commenting on his case, Felix Ngole, said:

“I was born in Cameroon, under a dictatorship, where free speech was heavily censored. I had always been led to believe that in the UK people could share their beliefs and opinions without fear of persecution from public authorities. Of all places, I would expect universities to be places for free exchange of ideas and debate. It is shocking that, as a student, I can be thrown out just for believing in the Bible.

“I find it unbelievable that the person presiding over the disciplinary panel was a ‘proud’ Lesbian and a veteran LGBT activist, and that fact was never disclosed to me.

“I am also amazed by how the university has handled the visit of the controversial Islamic speaker.

“I am shocked by this new evidence. As far as I can see, the university is guilty of appalling double standards.

“Students go to university to discuss, debate and learn. We are seeing people banned from speaking at debating societies, and pressure groups banning anyone who dares to disagree with the liberal agenda being set by them. My case highlights the complicity of the liberal elite in this worrying movement.

“Instead of banning Christian students, universities should concern themselves with the increasing censorship of Christian belief and lack of religious literacy. Britain has led the world in education and is now in danger of becoming a laughing stock”.

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