The Gospel and the Anglican Tradition by Martin Davie

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From Gilead Books website.

The new book from the well regarded Anglican theologian Martin Davie is a four part study of what the gospel is and how it finds expression in the orthodox Anglican tradition.

​The first part looks at what we are taught about the meaning of the gospel by the Old and New Testaments.

The second part considers how the very existence of the Church of England and worldwide Anglicanism bears witness to the gospel by testifying to God’s fulfilment of his promise of universal blessing.

The third part explains how the gospel finds expression in the forms of Christian belief and practice contained in seven historical and contemporary documents from the Anglican Tradition, the Thirty Nine Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, the 1662 Ordinal, the First and Second books of Homilies, the Jerusalem Declaration and the new Catechism of the Anglican Church in North America.

Finally, the fourth part contends that the calling of Anglicanism is not towards a comprehensiveness that simply learns to practice ‘good disagreement.’ It is rather to be faithful in proclaiming the gospel in its teaching and practice in line with the classic Anglican teaching looked at in this study.

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