What is an Anglican? (Updated)

Dec 21, 2017 by

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Gafcon Chairman’s December 2017 letter (in which he says that AMiE is part of the Anglican Communion)

Defining Unity: what makes Anglicans Anglican anyway? By David Baker, Christian Today

Statement of full communion with the ACNA from the Global South Anglican coalition, from Anglican Ink

Anglican Communion head slaps down rebel Bishops, by Mark Woods, Christian Today [Josiah Idowu-Fearon insists on recognition by Canterbury as being the most important element of being Anglican].

The ties that bind our Anglican Communion are slowly coming untied, by David Virtue, VOL

Who decides membership of the Anglican Communion? Not the Secretary-general of the ACC! By Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council

Fisking Bishop Fearon: the Lambeth establishment takes on the Global South, by Stephen Noll, American Anglican Council

Senior C of E Bishop to front campaign for LGBT inclusion, by Mark Woods, Christian Today

Three ACNA Bishops sign open letter opposing “transgender ideology”, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline

Why I can’t in conscience write for the Church of England Newspaper any more, by Julian Mann, Anglican Mainstream

The Gospel and Anglican Tradition: new book by Martin Davie. Gilead Books website.

Gafcon Chairman’s New Year letter 2018


See earlier reports on the Anglican Mission in England ordinations here

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