The Lib Dems deselected me – but they can’t make me conform

Nov 22, 2019 by

by Rob Flello, Catholic Herald:

t’s not quite the 200th anniversary of the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829, but it seems we’re almost back to the days when a Catholic couldn’t stand for Parliament. Indeed, 190 years in the grand scheme of things is probably the equivalent of the 36 hours that I was the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Stoke South before I was abruptly deselected – that brief interlude of time before the great liberal party of democracy decided that it was neither liberal nor democratic.

[…]  So what really is the problem? However they try to dress it up, the simple fact is that you can’t be a practising Catholic and a Lib Dem candidate. At some point on that Monday someone, somewhere expressed opposition to my views and, rather than show the leadership they ask of their candidates, the Lib Dems got worried and pulled the plug.

[…]  In their email the Lib Dems seem to say that I can think almost anything I want but I can’t vote or tweet about those views. And the vote in question is the one six years ago on same-sex marriage where the Lib Dems gave their MPs a free vote. How times change. The tweets in question were about the Ealing buffer zone banning offers of help and prayers for those going for an abortion, but the Lib Dems seem now to be unsure themselves. So much for the alleged party of free speech.

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