The New McCarthyism and God

Feb 22, 2021 by

By F. LaGard Smith, Christian Post:

McCarthyism is back…with a vengeance. And this time around, Hollywood is as silent as movies before talkies. In fact, liberal Hollywood is complicit in the very same smears and recriminations that tyrannized the industry in the fear-fueled, Cold-War, anti-communist 1950’s. Today, we call such blacklisting the “cancel culture,” dressed up all nice and respectable.

Guilt by association — a prominent feature of McCarthyism — is all it takes for someone to lose a job or be refused a job. Did you work in the Trump administration? Canceled! Or maybe it’s speaking out against all the LGBT and transgender madness; or daring to challenge the cancel culture itself. Canceled! If found guilty of such grievous sins, in Trumpian terms “You’re fired!” Or unceremoniously silenced, as in denied a platform to tweet, use Facebook, be published, or speak on university campuses. None so illiberal as liberals!

From Senator McCarthy’s witch-hunt purges to today’s woke witch hunts (they are nothing less!), it’s an all-out assault on free speech, freedom of association, even freedom of thought. Alarm bells ought to be going off, whether politically Right, Left, or Center! Like COVID, the “cancel virus” is catching, as witness members of the GOP recently attempting to “cancel” some of its most visible members for taking principled, anti-Trump stands. Uncage this vicious “cancel beast,” and no one is safe.

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