‘The New Normal’ challenges LGBT agenda

May 5, 2018 by

from Christian Concern.

On Wednesday 2nd May, Wilberforce Publications launched a new book, The New Normal, with a well-attended event at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. The book critiques several attacks on the Christian view of sex and sexuality –particularly the transgender agenda. It features contributions from multiple authors with different areas of expertise, and had its origins in Christian Concern’s 2016 conference The New Normal.

Real Life Impact

Andrea Williams (chief executive of Christian Concern) hosted the event and began by introducing Nigel and Sally Rowe as examples of real life impact of the transgender agenda. Their two children were both separately disturbed by classmates cross-dressing at age 6 in their local Church of England primary school. Their sons were expected to use the preferred pronoun for the cross-dressing pupils concerned. The Rowes complained to the school and other authorities about how this was affecting their children and whether six-year-olds should be allowed to cross-dress in a primary school. They received no support or sympathy from the school or the diocese. They have now decided to home school their sons who are now much happier. The parents intend to challenge the decision of the school, pointing out that in law one cannot change one’s gender until one is 18-years-old.

Medical Issues

Dr Peter Saunders, Chief Executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship, and one of the contributing authors to the book, then presented an excellent lecture about the medical and scientific issues involved. He discussed gender dysphoria which he described as a real and distressing condition for those who suffer from it. He called on Christians to have compassion on those people, but clarified that compassion is not incompatible with disagreeing with their self-understanding.

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