The persecuted turn persecutor as Rohingya Christians are violently attacked within refugee camps in Bangladesh

Sep 25, 2019 by

From Barnabas Fund:

Barnabas Fund has received news that a tiny and unknown group of Rohingya Christians amongst the 750,000 mainly-Muslim Rohingya people, who fled genocide at the hands of the Myanmar Army as refugees, are now doubly persecuted as they face renewed violence from Muslims within refugee camps in Bangladesh.

A church leader has contacted Barnabas to tell of an upsurge in violence this month and to plead for prayers for an isolated group of an estimated several hundreds of Rohingya Christian converts from Islam. Already belonging to what some have called the “most persecuted people on earth”, the small community of Rohingya believers are now being subjected to anti-Christian violence from extremist Muslim Rohingya around them in the camps in Cox’s Bazaar district.

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