The Queen and her Christian faith

Oct 25, 2021 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Christian Today:

There is a strange public silence about the faith of our Queen. It is almost as if there were a spiritual equivalent to the to the visual impairment of being colour blind – we might call it ‘faith-blind’.

For the colour blind, the richness and wonder of colour is inaccessible. Colours are not only what they are, but they act as visual conductors of feeling and emotion. Blue and yellow intimate the vibrancy of joy. Grey and orange convey entirely different feelings. To miss out on colour is to be reduced in what you know, and what you can know, about the world around you.

Faith produces a similar phenomenon. The life, the attitude, the indomitability, the gaiety and the stamina of the Queen flow directly from her relationship with Jesus. The presence, teaching and grace of Jesus colours her personality and her work. When the journalists and politicians talk about how much they admire her qualities of resilience, duty and self-giving, they don’t ask the next, and really what ought to be the most obvious question, ‘what contributes to her being like that?’

It is a paradox that the Supreme Governor of the Church of England cannot easily give voice to her relationship with God and her devotion to Jesus.

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